Middle School Art introduces students to the basic elements of design as well as the principles that balance and unite these elements to create a good composition. Through classroom exercises and projects, students will learn to evaluate and apply a variety of media, techniques and processes to a range of subject matter and develop respect for their materials and use them properly. Students will also explore the significance of art as it relates to personal experience, culture, and human history.

Building on the foundational knowledge of art gained in elementary school, middle school art introduces students to intermediate techniques for familiar media as well as expands its focus to include new media. Beyond learning new techniques and engaging new media, students are expected to demonstrate an age appropriate skill level and understanding of art. Grades are based on design, creativity, craftsmanship, effort and application of processes and techniques.

Studies are based on the National Standards, Michigan Merit Curriculum and the four Disciplines of Art, (perception, creative expression, historical/cultural heritage and response/evaluation). Curriculum is constantly being updated and revised for relevancy and interdisciplinary connections.

The goal of the art units is to help students develop:

  • The ability to define problems

  • The ability to make choices

  • The ability to reach creative solutions

  • The ability to value judgments of their own work as well as others

  • Visual discrimination

  • Sensory awareness

  • Techniques and skills with which to create and record ideas

  • An appreciation and understanding of two and three dimensional art

  • Care and maintenance of materials

  • An understanding of art language

  • An appreciation of our artistic heritage

  • Understanding the connection of art to everyday life

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