Attendance Policy

The Board of Education, as an agency of the State, is required to enforce the regular attendance of students. The Board recognizes that the presence in the classroom enables the student to participate in instruction, class discussions, and other related activities. 5200 - ATTENDANCE As such, regular attendance and classroom participation are integral to instilling incentives for the student to excel. Regular attendance means being absent no more than 5% of school days in session. For example, in a 180 day school year, regular attendance is equal to 0-9 days absent. Absences greater than 10 days put your child at risk academically.

  • ABSENCES: All absences must be reported by telephone or through written notification to the school. Office hours are 7:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. You will receive a phone call any time your child has been marked absent during a school day. The parent should send a note to the teacher when the child returns explaining the child's absence if not reported by phone. In the event that your child will be absent for three or more days (e.g. family vacations, childhood diseases), homework assignments will be provided upon request. Please give the teacher 24 hours of advance notice for homework requests.
  • The school reserves the right to ask for verification (i.e., doctor's notes) for the cause of any absences. If, at any point during the school year, your child's absences are considered chronic, he or she will be referred to an attendance intervention program.
  • We believe regular attendance is essential to school success.

Data Point 1: (40 days)

  • Regular = 0-2 days absent
  • At risk = 3 days absent
  • Chronic = 4 or more days absent
  • Severe Chronic = 8 or more days absent

Data Point 2: (80 days)

  • Regular = 0-4 days absent
  • At risk = 5-7 days absent
  • Chronic = 8 or more days absent
  • Severe Chronic = 16 or more days absent

Data Point 3: (120 days)

  • Regular = 0-6 days absent
  • At risk = 7-11 days absent
  • Chronic = 12 or more days absent
  • Severe Chronic = 24 or more days absent

Data Point 4: (160 days)

  • Regular = 0-8 days absent
  • At risk = 9-15 days absent
  • Chronic = 16 or more days absent
  • Severe Chronic = 32 or more days absent

Data Point 5: (180 days)

  • Regular = 0-9 days absent
  • At risk = 10-16 days absent
  • Chronic = 17 or more days absent
  • Severe Chronic = 34 or more days absent

Excessive tardiness may result in unexcused absences.

  • The Board may report to the Intermediate School District Infarctions of the law regarding the attendance of students below the age of sixteen (16). A truant officer will be notified when 10 or more unexcused absences have occurred.
  • Written notification will be sent home after a student has been absent 10 days. A second letter will be mailed home after 15 days. To participate in any extracurricular school activity, the student must be in school by noon on the day the activity takes place. This includes attending as a spectator.


Unexcused absences from school (truancy) is not acceptable. After 20 days of absences a student will be considered an "habitual truant" which can result in:

  • Assignment to an alternative placement with loss of participation in school activities and events.
  • A poor work-ethic grade, which will become a part of the student's permanent record.
  • A hearing before a judge in a court of law.
  • A report to local authorities concerning lack of parental responsibility in providing proper care and supervision of a child.

Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be on time for every class. Students will receive a verbal warning for their first tardy. A lunch detention will be given for a fourth (4th) tardy. Any student who exceeds four (4) tardies may receive and after school detention, in-school restriction, or other consequences determined by administration. Tardies will reset at the start of each marking period. Skipping lunch detentions will result in further consequences. Frequent late arrivals to school requiring an office pass to class, will be brought to the attention of the assistant principal and the appropriate consequences will apply.

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